This is us.

Everyday our environment is suffering. Everyday our animals suffer. This is not the reason why God invented this planet. God invented this planet for the betterment of all species as he trusted us to bring justice to the other creatures in the planet. But I guess the plan didn’t work.

Millions of animals are killed everyday for human consumption, millions of trees are cut everyday for the betterment of human lives. We have neglected all other creatures and made them suffer. If they would speak they would prefer to be dead rather than living here in this hell hole.

They dont deserve this.

There are a lot of ways you can help the environment. Every single person can make a difference. You gotta start with something. If we live like this, why go to hell when we all together will make this one? Bringing changes to yourself as well as the surroundings will make us a better, happier and cleaner society.

Animals should be treated nicely. They are members of our society. We all can stop using plastic, stop wasting food, stop wasting water because one day we will beg for these but they would be long gone.

Dear animals

I am sorry, I am sorry you have to go through all of this. I am sorry that humans are evil creatures. But I promise you, better days will come. Better days will make us all happy.

You will be able to breath, breath fresh air. Not the air which is polluted by hundreds of toxic gases which are released through the industries who are making products which makes human life easier.

You will be able to trust, trust us humans. You will sit on our laps because you know we love you not and not on our plates.

You will be able to see, see the good side of the world. The world that will give you shelter. The world that will show you that love still exists. The world where you will not be held to be killed but held to be loved.

You will live, not because we let you free but because you were born on this earth to do so.

I Promise, you’ll be happier.